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Starke Industries is a private owned well-diversified company founded in 1994 with an ultimate goal to increase it's customers productivity and supports businesses to improve their automation processes, make their production lines more efficient and enhance quality management systems.

With our own initiative and the latest technology, it has given us the capacity to design, produce and improve locally manufactured equipment and machines required to perform complicated tasks and are ready and capable of taking on new challenges in machine design, fabrication and custom machining.

Our products has proved that we are able to establish ourselves as leading solution providers and global innovators. We will continue and serve the South African Automotive, Agricultural and Packaging Industry, with optimization of assets. Our main focuses are to create localized, purpose-built equipment for any unique requirement and to improve and optimize your requirement with personalized, turnkey solutions.

Starke Industries is built on technical excellence combined with commitment to the highest standards of service, partnering with clients through each stage of project development while offering a fully comprehensive service.